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Why I Want to Be a Black Belt by Mr. Goetze

Posted by on October 25, 2013

Black Belt Essay – Mr. Goetze, 13 years-old, October 2013

My name is Jack Goetze and many people ask me “Why I want to be a black belt?”  The story is really when I decided to become a black belt and that was the day I earned my Yellow Belt. Before that day my parents have involved me in many different sports and activities like basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, music, soft ball, track and none of them really were very interesting to me. Taekwondo is the only sport that I fell in love with and have been involved with no break since I have started.  I am glad I found a sport that I am focused on because it helps me focus on school work too.  I have dyslexia and that learning difference makes it hard to keep track of all the school projects and homework.  But since I started Taekwondo, I feel more empowered and strong and know that if I can learn all of the forms in Taekwondo and make it to black belt then I can focus and do a great job on my school work.  I attended private school for most of my life due to my learning difference but I am now ready to be a black belt and ready to face public school as well.

Taekwondo was a game changer for me. I realize working through all the levels of the colored belts and working up to and becoming a black belt is a big achievement for anyone. Not to mention having my name on the belt is pretty awesome too.  As a black belt this is important to me because I want to continue my Taekwondo career. Taekwondo gives me a sense of direction and Taekwondo is really big part of my life, so I want to go as far as I can. Taekwondo changed my life.

Some of things I really enjoy doing when I become a Black Belt is to teach younger belts.  I want to be a role model for the white belts and show them that being a black belt is worth the effort and the hard work.  Something I learned from one of my instructions in past few months on my road to a black belt is “BLACKS BELTS find away” no matter how hard it hurts BLACKS BELTS find away. It also teaches me life is not easy requires hard work for the things you want in life, teaching perseverance, respect for other, teach people the way you want to be treated, be yourself and you can do anything and go anywhere in life.

If I get a black belt I can get a job teaching Taekwondo in schools.  Also when I’m older I want to own my own Taekwondo school.  I hope I can be a part of Taekwondo history just like my teacher Mrs. Lacy! As a black belt I can get into good colleges and get very good jobs; being black belts looks very good on my resume.  That is want my Parents tell me.

Taekwondo is my favorite sport and I want make it all the way!

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