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What Do You Want Your Child to be When They Grow Up?

Posted by on September 5, 2013
My Dad and I the day I got my black belt.

My Dad and I the day I got my black belt.

New parents walk through the door at the school all the time and ask, “How will taekwondo help my kid?”.  Martial arts training benefits students in so many ways, that it would be easier to explain how they will get the specific benefits the parents are looking for rather than listing them all.  Do you want to know about the benefits you’ll see now?  If so, let’s talk about better hand-eye coordination, improved balance, increased self-confidence, better overall fitness, getting better grades in school, having more focus/paying better attention, or the fact that they might suddenly surprise you by using words like “yes sir”, “no ma’am”, “please”, or “thank you”.

Another question I get all the time is “When are they finished [with their training]?”.  Well, that really depends on them and on you.  The real question here is, what do you want your child to be when they grow up?  There is no finish line in taekwondo, or in life, and what you get out of both is directly proportionate to what you put into them.  I know parents love to brag on their children, but I am fortunate enough to get chances all the time to brag on my parents.  My father started taekwondo when he was 10 years old, and now over 35 years later his journey still isn’t over.  His physical abilities may not be what they were when he was 10, but he has trained 8 people who went on to open their own school, served as a role model to countless students over the years, and is exactly what his parents always wanted him to be when he grew up – happy.  To read more about Mr. Lacy, check out the feature segment from Frisco Style Magazine here.

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