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We think taekwondo is pretty great – after all, we loved it enough to make it a family business.  Don’t just take our word for it though – check out what parents and students have to say about our instructors, our school, and our program.

“We have our daughter going to Valley Ranch for over 2 years and we absolutely love the academy. She is more confident, and always excited about going to Karate. Mrs. Lacy & her family work really hard with all the kids and take their jobs seriously.  We are happy that we choose this academy even though it is 20 mins drive for us to get here. We plan to move to Frisco next year and will move our daughter to their other branch in Frisco with Mr. Lacy. Keep up the good work guys! ”  ~Naeem Kayani, Kids Program

“Our boys (ages 6 & 8) have been taking classes at Lacy’s Elite Taekwondo for 18 months. We are constantly impressed with how well they interact with their students. Safety and discipline are always at the forefront, but the kids are taught in a very supportive and nurturing manner. It is evident by the number of students who successfully test each cycle and win awards at tournaments the high quality of instruction in the tenants and fundamentals of taekwondo. The boys have improved their discipline and self-confidence, plus stay physically active. We highly recommend Lacy’s Elite Taekwondo.” ~Shana & Steve Bristow, Kids Program

“Two and a half years ago my wife came home and told my then 9 year old son and I that she had signed us both up for Tae Kwon Do lessons at The Lacy’s school.  The same school I had driven past for years, every time wishing that I had the nerve to join.  At the time I was 50 and thought that it would be impossible for me to participate. I thought that I was too old. It hurt to bend down let alone jump in the air and kick a bag with both feet before landing.  Well we started Jan. 2, 2007…two and a half years later my son and I [both earned our] Black Belts.I am amazed at the flexibility that I have regained and the quiet confidence that my son has gained.  TKD gives my son and I a great father – son hobby. It is an excellent chance for us to exercise, and has given us a mutual interest that helps us bond.
We love the school, the Lacys, and the instructors.  There is an atmosphere of respect, challenge, reward, and friendship.  Joining Lacy’s TKD America is one of the best decisions we have ever made (or should I say my wife has ever made).  We hope that you too will join in the fun.”  
~Carl Smith, Kids and Adult Programs

“I will admit, I was ‘one of those Moms’ who was hesitant to sign my 7-year old son Tyler up for classes due to watching the movie Karate Kid too many times.  I feared it was ‘too rough’, looked very similar to ‘fighting’ and I worried about the message it would give my son.  After a year of instruction under Mr. and Mrs. Lacy, as well as their amazing staff, Tyler is now a green belt and adores (as do I) continuing his journey as he learns the real meaning of Taekwondo.  I applaud the individual attention the instructors provide to each of the children and the result is we could not be happier with positive influences it has had on Tyler.  So we thank each of you for making a difference – – because indeed you truly have.” ~Jeni Cameron, Kids Program

“Although we were not specifically looking for a family activity, but instead came to Taekwondo America because one child had an interest in trying this martial art,  we found a sport that both kids and parents could enjoy together. (I thought when we joined, that this sport would last like so many others — maybe 6  months.   Now, 13 years later, the kids have grown to adulthood and we are still sharing Taekwondo classes!)  In those classes we shared comaradrie and built bonds that truly last a lifetime.  I would not trade the experience of learning Taekwondo as a family for anything!  It was (and continues to be) the best value we ever received from a recreational activity.” ~Anne Lanzara, Kids, Teen, and Adult Programs