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My Journey to Black Belt by Mr. Nadimpalli

Posted by on October 25, 2013

Black Belt Essay – Mr. Nadimpalli, 14 years-old, October 2013

Throughout my life, I have participated in many activities such as Chess, Swimming, and playing Cricket. Compared to these experiences, my past two years in Valley Ranch Taekwondo America was more boisterous and influential. When I first started, I was just a 12-year old kid who wants to learn new techniques and self-defense. However, I learned these past two years that this journey is not just meant to learn taekwondo, or just to succeed and get a Black Belt, but to learn how to survive in an environment to achieve the goals you seek with the help of your friends and instructors.

During the first couple of months at taekwondo, I was more concerned about myself and perfecting my form and sparring combinations. This was during the White, Yellow and Orange/Orange Senior belts. Even as I see today, many people of those ranks are not as interactive as when they get to green belt or higher. This is the same situation for me because I started to be more interactive and collaborative with my friends and instructors starting from Senior Orange Belt. During this time, I participated in my first tournament, where I received two gold medals. Until this day, I have been to three tournaments, including the one mentioned earlier, and won four gold, one bronze, and one silver medals. This is also the first time that I showed true passion for taekwondo and made it part of my daily life. Ironically, even though I became more mature and improved my skills as I went to higher belts, I started to not attend class regularly, but only three times a week. This was because of my schedule being affected by my homework. It was 12 months ago, when I started High School that I stopped attending classes and being interactive. However, after several encounters, I learned that School and Taekwondo are both two important factors in my life, and I should make my schedule more organized. The other reason which made taekwondo more interesting and available to me is my school OCPE Program. The Off-Campus PE program allowed me to come to taekwondo during my Freshman Year, enabling me to get the credit in school, and coming to taekwondo five days a week. This is a really great experience to me and I am very thankful to my instructor who made this opportunity applicable to me. Also, through taekwondo, I made new friends who helped me not only in class but also outside in school events and other activities. Event though, all these experiences were great, these last 4-6 months were the best months that I have ever experienced in taekwondo. During this time, I got selected to be an A-team member/instructor. This is a really prodigious opportunity because I got to interact with not only people from my class, but also others from kid classes. I got to experience how challenging and fun it is being an A-team instructor. I am very grateful to my instructors and my nominators because without them, I couldn’t have come this far.

All these moments made me more confident and successful as a student and an instructor. I am looking forward to reaching the Black-Belt, so I can continue my journey in Taekwondo and reach higher standards.

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