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Little Dragon FAQs

What benefits will my child get from the Little Dragons program?

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

One of the great coaching legends, John Wooden, came up with one of the greatest coaching models of all time called the Pyramid of Success. What is so important about this model of coaching is how it balances physical success with emotional and cultural development, creating a solid citizen.  While we could go over all the points of the Pyramid in detail, I would, instead like to summarize how we work this pyramid into the training of our Little Dragons.

Every day you will see lessons on the floor being taught such as:

Being RESPECTFUL of their elders, particularly their mothers and fathers, by addressing the properly with Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am.

Working TOGETHER with their peers instead of always doing things their own way.  By learning to work as a team from a young age they ultimately be much more successful.

Being SELF-DISCIPLINED enough to do what is expected of them when asked like “a big kid” would do it instead of how they usually would.

Being FOCUSED enough to learn a new task through repetitive practice, whether that is in school or at home.  Focus also includes improving their listening skills an self-control.

Being PHYSICAL – learning how to properly exercise and learning how really fun it can be.  They will grow stronger, have better balance, and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Being POSITIVE and learning that a positive attitude is what makes positive things happen in life by learning the phrase “I CAN’T” can never be used.  As their positive attitude and hard work begin to pay off you will see their confidence soar!


How does the Little Dragon program work?

For each belt in the Little Dragon system there are ten stripes that help your child to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the Little Dragon skills and of basic Taekwondo movements. Also, every eight weeks there will be a testing where each child who has earned all ten stripes is given the opportunity to perform his or her pattern, combination, and drills in front of a panel of instructors for a new belt. We encourage parents to invite family and friends to your child’s belt promotion. This is a big event for your child in his or her martial arts training that only comes around every eight weeks. For your child, eight weeks is a long time. Make it a big event and your child’s confidence will grow!

How will I know when my child is ready for the full children’s program?

At the end of each testing cycle, Mrs. Lacy and Ms. Lacy evaluate each of the students and discuss who is ready to move up and who will benefit from spending more time in the Little Dragon program.  We look at a variety of factors including age, behavior, attention span, memorization skills, whether students know their left from their right, and the student’s ability and readiness to perform some of the more advanced skills, such as sparring.  Each child is different and we want everyone to have the most positive experience possible.  If a student’s readiness is in question at all we will err on the side of caution and keep him or her in the Little Dragon program so that when they finally do graduate they are still just as excited to come to class.

What can I do as a parent to help?

  • Make sure your child attends class on a regular basis. Children adjust to consistency. If taking class becomes an option and not a priority, they will not adjust as well.
  • Watch your child participate in class. Your child wants to make you proud. The best way they can show you how well they are doing is for you to see for yourself.
  • Monitor your child’s progress. Your child should earn a stripe in class almost every day until they have all ten stripes. If your child does not earn a stripe for 3 or more classes in a row, speak with one of our Little Dragon Instructors immediately. Your child may have a challenge with that skill and will need some extra practice at home.
  • Keep track of when the next belt promotion is scheduled to take place. This way, you can help prepare your child for their next performance. Your child should belt promote every eight weeks to avoid boredom and to keep from getting discouraged by not keeping up with his or her classmates.
  • Let us know if your child has a problem at home. Remember, the Little Dragon program is centered around learning life skills. They should be practicing these at home AND in class.