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Current Student FAQs

What if my child uses Taekwondo at home or at school?

Tell Mrs. Lacy IMMEDIATELY. While I understand that students can be a little over anxious to share and show off, this can be dangerous. Please inform me, or Ms. Lacy, as soon as possible so that we can take steps to correct the situation.

What do the instructors expect from the students?

All of the instructors and I expect our students to give their best effort. Technique at the early stages of training is not as important as a positive attitude. If a student tries hard and has a good attitude, they will develop better technique over time because they are listening and learning.

How do the students earn “stripes” in class?

Each stripe is earned in class for achieving a short term goal that breaks up the requirements for advancement from one belt to the next.  There are eight stripes per belt, one for each week of the testing cycle.

What is testing?

Testing is a process where we evaluate the skills of the student to determine whether they are ready to progress to the next level of training. What is expected of students depends on the rank, age and physical ability of the student. What is required to pass testing increases dramatically as a student increases in rank. Testings are held every 8 weeks and as long as a student attends class consistently (2-3 times per week), he or she should be ready for testing.

My son/daughter is having a hard time learning his/her form.  Why? My son just got his/her stripe, he/she can’t be ready for testing already can he/she?

People learn forms in very different ways.  Some students learn the framework and can fake my way through a form rather quickly.  Then they have to focus on the details to get it testing/competition ready.  Other students are so detail oriented that they have to learn all the “little things” as they go.  It takes the latter group longer to be able to do it on their own but when they do, it is nearly testing/competition ready.  Neither learning style is right or wrong.  It’s just how people learn based on their personality.  The kids are the same way.

How do I know when my son/daughter is ready for testing?

If we say they are ready to test (they get their 8th stripe), they should test.  Parents should never judge for themselves.  Parents can be biased (both positive and negative) and you don’t know what is important at each level. Also, be careful when asking the kids if they are ready.  Many of our perfectionists kids expect too much of themselves and tend to play it safe instead of taking a little healthy risk, which is something they need to learn.  If someone is not prepared or I don’t believe they can pass testing, I won’t let them test.

My kid has (fill in the injury or illness here), should he/she spar?

If you bring your child to class, assume they will spar. Just let us know if they have an injury or illness and let us decide whether he or she should spar or not.  Since we spar ourselves, we know what really prevents people from sparring and what doesn’t. Many times what looks minor to adults we think is major and vice versa. If parents start making the determination of when the kids spar, the kids start to make up phantom injuries, “tummy aches” and “headaches” to avoid sparring if they aren’t in the mood to spar that day. This is something they do not do with us.

How does the membership extension work?

We expect people to miss a week here or there due to injuries or illnesses.  That is why we have unlimited classes, the stripe system and the number of instructors on the floor. We can get anyone caught up.  We are experts at it.  If you are going to miss a month or more for injury, prolonged vacation or playing select level sports, you need to let us know a minimum of one week in advance.  Simply e-mail us the last date you will attend classes and the date you intend to return.  We will place your payments on hold while you are gone.  Please note that we are not able to place your membership on an indefinite hold – you have to provide us with a return date.

My son or daughter is complaining about getting hit too hard sparring.  What do I do?

Believe it or not, this is a common complaint.  But trust me, it is truly rare that the kids get hit hard enough to cause a real injury. I can’t remember the last time a kid truly got hurt sparring. In fact, if they wrestle around at home, I guarantee they get more banged up doing that. They are reacting more to losing or the uncertainty of what to do than getting hit.  Just email me at the address on the web page or tell the person at the desk so we can keep an eye on him or her and address the problem.