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Taekwondo America’s First 9th Degree – A Biography

Robby Lacy took his first taekwondo class in April 1977(one month before the first Star Wars film was released).  His uncle came across the school on his mail route and decided to bring his son and nephew in to try class.  Schools were not as fancy then, and the space had a tile workout floor … Continue reading »

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Why My Kids Needed to No Change (And I Needed To Let Them)

As a mother I can assure you that there is an actual physical pain you feel in the moment when you watch your child work so very hard for something and not succeed. I know this more than most parents – I’ve watched my three children not pass their testing over 15 times all together. … Continue reading »

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What Do You Want Your Child to be When They Grow Up?

New parents walk through the door at the school all the time and ask, “How will taekwondo help my kid?”.  Martial arts training benefits students in so many ways, that it would be easier to explain how they will get the specific benefits the parents are looking for rather than listing them all.  Do you … Continue reading »

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Why Choose Failure When Success Is An Option?

I love teaching taekwondo.  Almost every day, without fail, a moment happens that is truly great.  Every now and then though, something happens that makes you realize you could never be this happy doing anything else.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to have one of those moments. Our first class back at the end of … Continue reading »

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