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Form Flash Cards!

If you’ve been having trouble with remembering the various forms’ names, number of moves, or meaning of the forms, Mr. Penupala has put together a quizlet online flashcard list for all of them!  You can use this to help you study your current form and old forms while you’re on break from school next week.  … Continue reading »

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The Side Kick

As long as we are on the topic of basics this week, let’s take a closer look at the side kick.  Much like vanilla ice cream or a good black suit, the side kick is a classic that stands well on its own, but can also be dressed up with a jump or a spin. … Continue reading »

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Testing Cycle Week 1: The Basics

No matter what belt you are, each testing cycle at our school begins the same way.  The first week of the cycle we always focus on the basics – after all, how can you hope to properly execute a jump spin hook kick if you don’t understand the principles behind a plain hook kick?  Improving … Continue reading »

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