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Pre-Order Your New T-Shirt!

Do you love taekwondo and want everyone to know?  Be sure you pre-order your “I Love Taekwondo” t-shirt.  Shirts are available in blue (pictured) and red (not pictured).  Quantities are limited, so don’t miss out.  E-mail Ms. Lacy your color (blue or red) and shirt size at Available sizes: CS (6-8), CM (10-12), Adult … Continue reading »

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What Do You Want Your Child to be When They Grow Up?

New parents walk through the door at the school all the time and ask, “How will taekwondo help my kid?”.  Martial arts training benefits students in so many ways, that it would be easier to explain how they will get the specific benefits the parents are looking for rather than listing them all.  Do you … Continue reading »

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September Squat-fest!

Today’s blog is for everyone – students, parents, siblings, friends.  You can even email it out to your relatives and make it a family challenge!  The ancient Korean secret to stronger kicks is stronger legs, but just because you don’t take class doesn’t mean you can’t have strong legs too.  Our monthly 5 Minute Fitness … Continue reading »

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May I Have Your Attention Please…

No, really.  No, no, over here.  Helllllllllooooooooo! *frantically waves hands*  Earth to the student not paying attention, please respond.  Ok, let’s try sitting on the target so you’ll quit throwing it back and forth with your partner arguing over whose turn it is to hold it. Why, as instructors, do we spend so much time … Continue reading »

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Testing Cycle Week 2: Let’s Kick It Up a Notch

Today begins the second full week of the testing cycle.  By this time all colored belts should be familiar with at least the first half of their new form.  I realize it’s a busy time with the start of the school year and trying to get back into a set routine for a lot of … Continue reading »

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The Side Kick

As long as we are on the topic of basics this week, let’s take a closer look at the side kick.  Much like vanilla ice cream or a good black suit, the side kick is a classic that stands well on its own, but can also be dressed up with a jump or a spin. … Continue reading »

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Testing Cycle Week 1: The Basics

No matter what belt you are, each testing cycle at our school begins the same way.  The first week of the cycle we always focus on the basics – after all, how can you hope to properly execute a jump spin hook kick if you don’t understand the principles behind a plain hook kick?  Improving … Continue reading »

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Why Choose Failure When Success Is An Option?

I love teaching taekwondo.  Almost every day, without fail, a moment happens that is truly great.  Every now and then though, something happens that makes you realize you could never be this happy doing anything else.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to have one of those moments. Our first class back at the end of … Continue reading »

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